DEDfest, Edmonton's most exciting film festival...



​For 10 years, DEDfest has been bringing the most exciting and vibrant action, adventure, science fiction, horrors, thrillers and creature features to fans. In 2015, 2016, and 2017 voted Edmonton's Best Film festival by Vue Weekly  Magazine!


DEDfest is Western Canada’s premiere horror, cult and sci-fi film fest! In our sordid history, we’ve unleashed on Edmonton audiences killer films like DEAD SNOW, The Babadook, Green room,MY NAME IS BRUCE, I SELL THE DEAD, CHILLERAMA, MIAMI CONNECTION, JOHN DIES AT THE END, V/H/S, THE ABCS OF DEATH, THE DIVIDE, and many more. And our guest roster has included the likes of genre legend Michael Biehn, Tim Sullivan, Astron 6 and Danielle Harris. Now entering its’ eleventh year, the fest’s 2018 edition promises to excite and tantalize. Stay tuned for more mayhem to come.

Some talented filmmakers in the past have shown us some love, take a look!

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